Pelosi: Dems Are ‘Ready and I Will Do Everything in My Power to Make Sure’ Biden Will Be Inaugurated


Nancy Pelosi third in line for the presidency went into a rant addressing fellow comrade Joy Behar’s concern of Trump getting re-elected stating he ‘will lie, cheat and steal the election to win.’ In other words she accused the President of doing EVERYTHING the dems will do are doing as she confidently stated dems organize and ‘we’re [dems] ready and I will do everything in my power to make sure that no matter how he tries to declare victory or undermine the uh Electoral College or try to win in the Houses as He’s bragging now, he’s going to win in the House, I will assure you of this free and fair election Joe Biden will be inaugurated and Kamala Harris uh inaugurated President and Vice President of the United States on January 20th 2021.’

Listen to it again, she’s telling you the democrats are going to pull out all the stops to steal this election from Pres Trump and the GOP. He isn’t the one shipping ballots out. His supporters are not the ones harvesting mail-in ballots, or even trashing them. Trump and the GOP are not the ones who have dead people and cartoon characters vote for them. The Russia Russia Russia narrative is a PROVEN HOAX with Hillary Clinton and obama calling the shots. And for the record to this day not one ballot/ vote has ever been produced to prove Russians changed it, let alone one victim who was directly affected by the Russians!

Again EVERYTHING Nanzi is accusing Trump and the GOP of doing democrats are doing right now. Dems already have an army of lawyers to challenge the results and other antics explained here by True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht

(Beck is having her on everyday to go over legal shenanigans dems are already pulling)

Pelosi is right about one thing there must be a landslide victory… actually it has to be historic so any attempt to challenge it is futile. Trump MUST win or this country will be over as we know it. What the democrats have done in the last 7 months let alone 11 years should tell you that, the will “California” this whole country faster than you can imagine if they get power.

Vote Trump, Pence and GOP like you life depends on it because it does!