Biden and Harris Repeatedly Refuse to Answer If They Support Stacking SCOTUS


At the VP debate Kamala Harris dodged VP Pence calling her out on stacking SCOTUS and now again today in AZ Biden dodged too. Joe claims it will be front page news away from ‘focusing on what’s happening right now’ if he answers the question, along with naming his SCOTUS picks, and that the decision for that vacancy is the right of the voters and who they choose to be President.

First off, the voters ALREADY chose Nov 8 2016. Donald Trump’s presidency is not 3 years, 9 months and 18 days… it DID NOT END on when Ginsburg died. It is his Constitutional duty to nominate a successor and the Senate’s job to give consent and advice per Article 2 Section 2 Clause 2 of the US Constitution the democrats claim they want to protect.

That said, it is abundantly clear these 2 will stack the court, and other federal courts for that matter, because history has proven what democrats can’t done legislatively they get done through activist judges.

WRITE THIS DOWN, burn it into your skull – If the democrats sweep the White House, Senate and House giving them a super majority, like what they had during obama’s first 2 years in office, they will bulldoze over this country like you have never seen before. They learned their lesson after 2010 that they wasted too much time focusing solely on obamacare when they held a super majority. Dems KNOW they will have to ram through all of their radical policies not just one in the 2 years they’ll have before the midterms. Most likely in this order dems will stack SCOTUS, pass sweeping gun control (if not outright confiscation), illegal alien amnesty granting them FULL citizenship, socialized govt controlled medical care, and then go for the jugular Green New Deal which will wipe out the US economy as we know it producing a system that is “safe and fair”.

Got it? They’ll lock the courts up to rule in their favor, DISARM anyone who will be a problem and then create a new voting block to guarantee one party rule, control who gets medical care or not and dictate who has job and can make money or not while ceding US economic and military power to our enemies. Disagree? PROVE ME WRONG because all of this is based on what they are saying and doing as of today!

It’s not a joke, or just fear mongering like we hear every election, this IS the most important election of our times. You have 26 days to muster up as many like minded individuals to vote for Trump, Pence, and GOP candidates IN PERSON to save this Republic or you can kiss it all goodbye.