Sec Pompeo Has Hillary’s Emails, Working to Get Them Released


Sec Pompeo is making headlines today stating he has Hillary Clinton’s emails and is working as fast as possible to get them released before the election, following Pres Trump’s phone-in appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s show expressing he is not happy with the State Dept holding up their release. Granted there is personnel, means and methods that need to be protected but it shouldn’t take this long.

“Hillary isn’t running, who cares?” Well there could very well be documents that will again prove she was behind the Russia Russia Russia hoax and hopefully implement those in the obama regime who conspired with her namely Joe Biden! Also, to this very second that you’re reading this the democrats continue to push Russia narrative that Trump is allowing election interference by them and remains Putin’s puppet. So releasing the emails does matter if they can provide additional info to his innocence and Clinton and the obama regimes guilt.

If HARRIS/biden win in Nov any and all investigations into the democrats coup against Trump, all the other crimes they’ve engaged in currently under investigation (admittedly poorly handled by Barr, but more on that later) by the Trump admin will be trashed. If you want to see these people brought to justice then you must vote IN-PERSON for Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot Nov 3rd.