California Dem Calls For ‘Post WWII’ ‘Re-education Camps’ to ‘Deprogram’ Trump Supporters


David Atkins, who ID’s as a ‘Regional Director, CA Dems / Elected DNC Member’, went on a twitter storm calling ‘to deprogram 75 million people… in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan‘! These were camps set up for prisoners or war and the like… that’s how democrats see you, as an enemy they want reprogrammed to see things their way. No free thought.

These vile unhinged democrats call Trump supporters nazis and fascists but what they’re actually doing and calling for defines it! No republican let alone a Trump supporter, called to round up democrats in camps after the 2016 election. But they have been doing it since and they mean every word.

Look at this, look at how he tries rationalize it…..

Now that he’s in deep he has to do some CYA that he’s ‘not advocating “re-education camps” or anything like that’ but he really is otherwise this tweet storm would not exist! These people get so emboldened and full of themselves they tell the truth, which should scare the hell out of people. Most have the sense to delete a tweet, but people like Atkins, think they can just reverse under the same breath.

Make no mistake about it democrats HATE YOU, they want you enslaved and reprogrammed or dead. More than enough evidence has been posted to this site and others. This is why Pres Trump’s legal fight to win the election is so crucial. If HARRIS/biden gets into the White House it means the steal was successful and there is nothign stopping it from being run again in the GA runoffs in January. That means dems will own the Senate and proceed to fulfill obama’s promise to fundamentally transform the USA.

Trump as well as his supporters are in the fight of our lives now. The radicals in govt and their ilk are salivating at the idea of power over all of us and those who don’t comply you will be sent to the camps.