Republicans Caved to Certify Wayne Cty MI Election After THREATS From Democrats


In what many thought would be a small victory for Pres Trump was quickly reversed after 2 republicans, William Hartmann and Monica Palmer, in Wayne Cty WI reversed their opposition to certify the election count AFTER THREATS FROM DEMOCRATS. What kind of threats? Threats against their family, being doxed.. you know the typical MO from the unhinged violent democrat party.

So what do we would do? Here’s some advice, stop playing nice, stop playing by the democrat’s rule book. It’s the founding idea/principle behind the creation of this site. First, DON’T EVER apologize or bend a knee. Second, yours truly has made it clear many times to the unhinged Left, if you dox me I’ll dox you, your entire family, your employer, co-workers – I’ll open up the gates of hell on you. The real problem is the GOP are spineless a bunch of pussies as this patriot spells out….



♬ original sound – Gregory Allen

America you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. For far too long you have bowed down and cowered to the democrats. They know they can get away with murder or steal and election because they know YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

So, either rise up or sit down, shut up and be ruled by the worst people to ever walk the Earth.
It’s that simple, fight back or be a bunch of pussies.

UPDATE! 23:53 –