House Dem Blames Trump for Left-Wing Violence at MAGA Million March in DC


Every single video clip of violence that took place in DC, posted on this site, was initiated by DEMOCRAT voters yet this MONSTER Hakeem Jeffries is blaming Pres Trump for the violence!

Why because Trump refuses to concede a rigged election and his supporters agree choosing to gather to show their support?

Jeffries is a racist and liar – the Proud Boys are not white supremacists or racists seeing that members are Black, Hispanic, Asian etc! This fact alone proves everything he says is a lie.

Democrats HATE Trump and they hate you, his supporters, for not giving in. They hate that no matter what they do to this man you back him, so they encourage they’re foot-soldiers (by never condemning them over the destruction they’ve done) to take to the streets to harass, intimidate and when that fails to physically attack you.

This twit is stoking the fire to armed conflict in this country with Omar, AOC & her squad, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and their acolytes in the media. They do not care about the carnage and chaos so long as their standing when the dust clears.