Violence Committed By DEMOCRATS Against Trump Supporters in DC is STAGGERING


This site WARNED that should the democrats win the election their foot soldiers, who have been tearing America’s cities and towns apart for months, would be emboldened interpreting a Biden victory as a approval from voters that what they’re doing is okay and to continue.

Today at the Million MAGA March in DC THOUSANDS of Trump supporters showed up in DC, there was no looting, rioting, assault etc for the most part it was peaceful. But as the day went on many went home and the radicals, who already were attacking sporadically, began to intensify their attacks as the sun went down. At this very moment these Biden/Democrat voter’s continue to assault Trump supporters and it’s staggering… the footage is overwhelming there’s too much to post!

Democrat voters are not just pushing or shoving, they are beating people with weapons, delivering cheap/blind shot knockout blows, harassing and intimidating families with children, and even attacking elderly. It’s open season on anyone who is a Trump supporter regardless of age or sex.

Knife being recovered

Whether you want to hear it or not this country HAS BEEN in a warm civil war, and now with the election in question leaning towards Biden through massive acts of ballot tampering, the odds of full-blown armed conflict couldn’t be higher!

Democrats want armed conflict because they truly believe they will win this time around! As you can see from the pushback they’re getting that won’t happen. And it should be noted the majority of the 435+M guns in American’s hands belong to the 75M+ people who voted for Trump!