Powell: ‘We Have Staggering Evidence’ & Testimony of Election Fraud, ‘I’m Going to Release the Kraken’

One of Pres Trump’s attorneys, Sidney Powell states ‘we have staggering statistical evidence, we have staggering testimony from witnesses’ on election interference.

People are coming forward to rat out Dominion and democrats running the counts, but time is not on their side, with only a month to go until the Electoral College casts their votes. The evidence Powell suggests lawyers are compiling will have to be investigated – investigated by whom, Atty Gen Bill Barr? The man has proven himself useless as is swamp monster FBI Dir Chris Wray. If anything they have emboldened the Left to get away with the crimes they’ve committed.

It’s obvious the coup never ended, this election was the final stage to remove Trump from office. This site even pointed out the democrats (incl social media giants) were over-confident as if they knew something we don’t. Well now we know, they committed massive voter fraud through mail-in ballots and the computer systems used to tabulate votes.

Sidney says she’s going to ‘release the Kraken’ on the monsters behind this coup, she better move fast. Whatever evidence they have they better get it out quick, because the media has the public convinced Biden won. If by an act of God the election is LEGITIMATELY flipped to Trump the uninformed fools will think he stole it from Biden, and the media will be the ones driving that narrative since they’re already lying Biden won while states are still counting.