Democrat Refuses to Allow Republican Poll Watchers Entry to Oversee Ballot Count

Here we have another example election law being broken in broad daylight in the name of “covid rules”. Republican poll watchers in Detroit are prevented from entering a polling location where a count is being conducted solely by democrat poll workers!

How is it democrats can be in there on top of each other, but if republicans enter it’s a problem? This man guarding the door, Daniel Simms(?), following someones orders won’t even ask about making a compromise to allow 10-15 or so republicans in to replace 10-15 democrats. All of the people behind this coup in broad daylight should be criminally charged at this point. There should be an even number of republican and democrat counters, this is absurd to allow democrats make the rules even to count ballots.


It’s really convenient for Biden to get 200K votes overnight as the man states, because it’s abundantly clear now Trump won this election.

Democrats don’t realize they’re poking a beast. Patience is wearing thin, 73+M voters are not going to take much more of this.