Dominion Contractor Exposes Potential MI Election Fraud

Mellissa Carone is an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who states she witnessed ballots being counted 4-5 times, and small food vans showing up but no food was actually delivered for all the workers in Wayne Cty MI. When Carone told her boss what happened she stated he had no interest!

For the doubters out there you need to keep this in mind…

Carone and others coming forward, like postal worker Richard Hopkins, are putting their lives on the line. This is not some crazy conspiracy or a desperate attempt to keep Trump in office. Forget Trump, if these acts of election fraud are permitted to go through without being identified and corrected a repub..(to hell with them) a conservative will never get elected again. If dems are allowed to get away with this they WILL do it again you can bet every penny to your name on that! Georgia voters better wake the hell up to stop it from happening in January otherwise the dems will control the Senate and ram through their radical agenda.

This is about preserving one of America’s fundamental rights/ privileges that sets us apart from other countries, otherwise we are NO different than Venezuela, China or Russia whose leaders all hold permanent power through bogus elections.

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