Dominion Voting Systems Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward

Rudy Giuliani said whistleblowers are coming forward from Dominion Voting Systems, the very company whose machines were used in states reporting major irregularities in the election tabulation.

‘Dominion people… they’re the ones who got the evidence on the hundred thousand votes coming in and and they have some photographs’

They have EVIDENCE so do not listen to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and the FAKE fact-checkers employed by Twitter and Facebook. Evidence like what has already been uncovered in Michigan that cause one county to flipped to back to Trump from Biden.

This is real, it actually happened, it’s not conspiracy the media and Big Tech want you to think.

A Princeton computer science professor, and other security experts, warned last year about these voting systems. Those who deny all of this have a lot to lose. This is bigger than any of us, this is a play for the power of the US govt, and those who help the cheaters have a lot to gain.

We all want to see the proof, we just have to hold line let the lawyers do their jobs.