Princeton Prof and Security Experts Warned About Dominion and ES&S Voting Systems in 2019


In 2019 Princeton Computer Science Prof Andrew Appel warned the dangers in using hybrid voting machines (capability to scan and mark/print ballots) produced by Dominion Voting Systems and ES&S.

‘If the machine is hacked then they can install software that marks votes on the ballot after the voter last saw it. and if the piece of paper can be marked by the computer after the last time the voter saw it, and the whole paper trail is compromised.’

Here is Appel in 2017 WARNING Congress… based on recent events it’s clear the only ones listening were democrats who weaponized the technology

People were warned about these machines but no one listened and now we have proof of what Appel and others warned showing up in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and most likely the other states that use these machines.

This election is a mess what we need to have in all the states with large irregularities is a full hand recount AND audit, forget about the high tech.

The tech is great but actually needs to be dumbed down to only scan and tabulate AND NOT be connected to a network leaving it open to hackers to get in.