NYT: GOP ‘Biggest Threat to Our Democracy Since the Civil War’

If there is one thing we have learned over the years is that whatever the democrats accuse the GOP of they in fact are guilty of or doing. NYT’s Tom Friedman tells CNN hack Fredo “My Brother Kills Grandma and Grandpa” Cuomo the GOP is the ‘biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.’

First off, the US is a not a democracy it is a Republic, governed by the rule of law not mob rule.

Second, the democrat party started the Civil War and lost it, and they’ll start the second one to lose once again. At the rate we’re going they’ll get us there quite quickly, we’re at Mar 29 1861 right now, with dems standing on gas pedal to get us to Apr 12, 1861.

Third and most importantly relevant to this clip is NO winner has been declared. The media can declare all they want, but not one state has certified their votes awarding electoral votes. Biden right now is a common citizen like any of us, he is NOT entitled to intel or anything else for transition. You might as well call yourselves President-Elect, that is how worthless the title the media has given him.

The biggest existential threat to the USA is the democrat party NOT Russia, Iran, China, North Korea or blood thirsty jihadists.