Dems in Philly Used ‘NO ENTRY’ List For Republican Poll Watchers


Well now we know why republican poll watchers were denied entry or even kicked out of polling locations, the democrats had a ‘NO ENTRY’ list! It’s safe to assume this is one of many pieces of evidence the Trump legal team is compiling to argue in court that votes counted without repub poll watchers present should be disqualified.

[Mike Roman is the Trump campaign’s EDO (Election Day Operation) Director)

Two names should definitely stand out, one being “Lewandowski”, as in Corey Lewandowski the other “McCafferty” is for Brian McCafferty a registered democrat and whistleblower over the fraud being committed. (Curious why they have him listed republican?)

Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop the truth from getting out, but nothing is going to stop 70+M voters from accepting the election results when voter fraud was so rampant and in many cases obvious.