Fox Host Shows Her Arrogance on Hot Mic After Guest Says Media Doesn’t Have Right to Call Election

Sandra Smith is one of the most arrogant and cocky hosts on Fox New, with a major superiority complex. If you WERE a long time viewer you know she always tries to one-up guests and belittle them. Here the snaggletooth raccoon eyed WITCH got bent as Cleta Mitchell stated outright fact that NO WINNER has been declared in the Presidential race and the media shouldn’t be calling a winner. Smith talks, what she thought was off mic, to Trace Gallagher that ‘they’ [Fox] called the election for Biden not realizing she was still on camera for everyone to see her in her true colors.

Uh NO ugly, no state has certified any of the votes. Fox News nor any other democrat party controlled propaganda outlet decides who the President is, including YOU.

This arrogance is WHY people are DONE with Fox News. While many of us were onto them, they have finally revealed themselves to the world, in desperate attempt to hold onto their ratings and revenue. This site warned they were making this center-left move to stay in business post-Trump now or four years from now – just didn’t expect them to pull the trigger so quickly and go HARD left!

Turn Fox off, kill their ratings and revenue. Yes, there are some favorites like Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Bartiromo etc people want to watch. You can watch their shows online, usually through cable provider – many shows are posted. Other than that there is no other reason to watch any other programming, 99% of the roster is anti-Trump like Smith. Alternatives exist and hopefully one of them will pick up the slack maybe get an investor or two to recruit some Fox talent.