Fox News Suspended Judge Pirro!


Well first and foremost what you’re seeing from Fox News THIS SITE correctly predicted when Trish Regan was ousted, just wasn’t expecting to happen so quickly. They have officially made a hard turn to the left, throwing POTUS under the bus, embracing HARRIS/biden and anyone who against the program is out.

Judge Pirro as you know is close to the President and his family, Newsmax reports her show was going to focus on the documented acts of fraud and defiance by electioneers (like those in PA ignoring Justice Alito’s order). Fox execs didn’t like that and have taken her off the schedule this weekend!

Will Jeanine be back next week? Who knows, we do know Tucker Carlson hasn’t hesitated covering topics the suits don’t like. If he follows her lead will they pull him? What about Hannity? Ingraham IMO doesn’t have the guts, but Tucker and Sean most definitely. We’ll know if the suits got to them Monday, but one thing is clear Fox’s ad revenue is going down FAST.

People are leaving Fox in droves to Newsmax, OANN, The Blaze and other alternative media.

Just remember folks THIS SITE CALLED IT, I said Fox would do exactly what they’re doing!