Democrats Creating Enemies Lists of Trump Supporters to Punish


Democrats are already salivating at the idea of a HARRIS/biden regime and want to PUNISH those who support Pres Trump. This isn’t conspiracy theory or conjecture it’s all right here in their own words.

US Congresswoman

former Buttigieg staffer.. (NAZI bitch locked her account)

obama lackey..

this degenerate deleted this one but the internet is forever

ugly barracuda-face bitch..

then we have a fmr obama and Bill Clinton regime member calling for the Fourth Reich

and here we have a fmr CIA hack is all giddy as well for gulags too!

Well aren’t they special… this clip came to mind that suits them all perfectly because this is EXACTLY was NAZI FASCISTS do!

When you see yours truly, ret Army Col Kurt Schlichter and many others saying “democrats want you enslaved or dead,” we are not joking around. These people are vindictive, incredibly unhinged and dangerous; it doesn’t matter who they are male, female, young or old.

If the votes do not show up for Pres Trump for re-election this is just the beginning.

Prepare for the worst.

FYI they’re even going after judges!