Powell: High-Ranking Military Whistleblower Has Revealed Stunning Evidence


Sidney Powell called into Lou Dobbs stating said she has received ‘stunning evidence from a first-hand witness, a high-ranking military officer’ who was present when the Smartmatic software was developed. Powell reading from the whistleblower’s affidavit Smartmatic was ‘designed in a way that the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected’!

Many of us are in agreement with Powell over how infuriating this is, that Deep State backstabbers will go this far for power. Speaking of backstabbers, Dobbs announced the FBI is in investigating this election… what that means is the Deep State is scared and are now looking for windows of opportunity to cover their tracks from. Powell, Giuliani and the other attorneys involved better watch their backs and make copies and copies of copies of their evidence keeping the originals somewhere secure.

If this fraud of an election is permitted to stand we are in a defacto state of civil war there is no way 75+M American’s will just accept a HARRIS/biden ILLEGITIMATE regime laying waste to our country.

Here are just few things they’re planning to move quickly on if handed the presidency. You can call this “How to Tank an Economy in 6+ Steps”