Princeton Prof in 2008 Hacked Dominion Voting Machine in Less Than Seven Minutes


There have been serious concerns with Dominion voting machines since the 2008 election! What has happened NOW they were worried about happening to obama! Here’s a CNN segment from DL Hughly’s show with Princeton Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel explaining the problem with the machines, where he was able to break into a machine, swap out a computer chip with software he wrote to change votes, in just under 7 minutes!

The hacks at Fox News did a segment with Appel about the machines in 2016…

So, it’s fact these machines are incredibly vulnerable yet CNN, Fox and all the other legacy media outlets are now trivializing Pres Trump’s attempts to expose and stop this election from being stolen from him. Why was it okay for the media to cover this 4-12 years ago but now it’s conspiracy theory?

Also keep in mind technology has made huge leaps forward where you don’t have to physically break into a machine and swap computer chips. These machines can be easily accessed when they’re connected to the internet! Many states have in fact moved to the optical scanner type machines Appel suggests in 2008, but they have same vulnerabilities as their predecessors that he pointed out in later interviews.

We need to go back to paper ballots and people MUST have ID to vote. Those involved with stealing this election need to be held accountable by law enforcement before the American people do!