Agitators Infiltrated Save America Rally, Stormed the US Capitol, Leaving 1 Dead


It’s estimated a quarter to half a million plus people were in DC attending the Save rally. After Pres Trump gave his speech attendees marched to the Capitol and chaos ensued. Agitators present instigated a confrontation between rightfully pissed off Trump supporters and DC police, where the barricades were breached and eventually entry was gained into the building.

All it takes is a handful of people to light the fire for a riot, it happened over the summer at some protests where locals and business owners were condemning the infiltrators who were destroying property. It appears these guys, and many others dressed in black signature “uniform” of democrat party’s militant wing antifa, are the ones who turned the protest violent at the Capitol.

Surely some of those storming the Capitol will be/ have been arrested. We will learn their names and affiliation, and then legitimate finger pointing can be made. Until then there is no way to know who they all are. Are some democrats? YES. But can you say who is and who is just a royally pissed off American at their breaking point!?


Take note the ones that start doing the pushing are in black…

Skateboards… the #1 weapon of choice by antifa

Here’s a vid from inside where you can hear one of the alleged “Trump supporters” saying ‘ACAB’.

For those who don’t know, ACAB means ‘All Cops Are Bastards’. Now ask yourself if the people who have been supporting the police would be saying this, not to mention attacking them?!

These are not the actions of diehard Trump supporters. It’s same to assume antifa and blm… DEMOCRAT agitators in disguise infiltrated this protest. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it. They planned on it back in Nov, telling comrades to dress like Trump supporters and patriots.

They amped things up that sadly led to this… a young woman who appears to be attempting to climb through the window of a door is shot, apparently in the neck, and she later died.

These vids are just a sample of what occurred today, which is completely out of sync with ANY conservative/ Trump related rally. Again people are justifiably mad, but this 180° doesn’t make sense, it definitely fits the MO of democrats that we’ve witnessed since May/June 2020.

Yours truly is split on what transpired today because on one side I applaud what happened and on the other some of the actions were not okay.

It’s one thing to storm a building, demonstrating a show of force that can put the fear of God in the SOB’s occupying it. And trust me today was the beginning of getting that message through to them. BUT it’s another to get violent, fight with police, and destroy property.