Romney Fumbles & Mumbles When Confronted in Airport Over Not Supporting Trump, Called Traitor During Flight to DC


Mitt ‘Benedict Arnold’ Romney was confronted by UT residents and Trump supporters in an airport showing how weak and pathetic of a man he truly is.

First and foremost he is a maskhole, scolding the woman recording, who was 6ft away, to put her mask on. Then he dodged why he is not supporting Pres Trump over election fraud, while under the same breath claiming he does support the President. But what was most infuriating is his misunderstanding to his role as Senator.

We elect Senators and Representatives to handle the nations business, to in fact be OUR VOICE in Congress, to conduct our will! Romney doesn’t think so, telling the woman that’s not how the Constitution works!

[Yes the traitor is sitting in a seat reserved for elderly, handicapped and pregnant women]

America, after this election fiasco is over you have 2 choices:
Throw everyone out of the GOP, replacing them with originalist Constitutional conservatives


Start a new party, the Patriot Party yours truly called for over 10 years ago.

Frankly, a new party is in order, the GOP has destroyed themselves at this point and it will be too costly and time consuming to replace these assholes starting with Mittens.

The abuse for the traitor continued as he was berated on the plane too!