Here We Go Again – Stash of Bricks, Propane Tanks and 2×4’s in DC Ahead of Jan 6th Rally


If you recall last year bricks and other improvised weapons were being left off in key areas where Leftists held their “peaceful protests” that resulted in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

If there isn’t a rational explanation for these bricks, propane tanks and 2×4’s to be left on the sidewalk, then the Left is preparing to seriously thrown down in DC against Trump supporters attending Stop the Steal rally! Now keep in mind Mayor Bowser has already shut down the streets, businesses and called in the National Guard, so what could any of this possibly serve when she KNOWS there will be thousands (potentially million) people in the city!? The last thing you would do is allow anything that can be used as a weapon to be left on the street for the people you just called out the National Guard against!!

Trump people better watch your backs, the Left has proven they’ll attack regardless of who you are or where. They’ve viciously and violently attacked conservatives for simply existing at this point, and rioted and burned businesses down without hesitation.