Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump


The House for the second time has voted to impeach Pres Trump over NOTHING. They claim he instigated an uprising last week at the Capitol. To date NO ONE has presented any proof, except claiming his speech earlier in the day – BUT, have you seen that speech? Anytime Trump has said anything to upset the Left it’s plastered all over the media (tv, online and print). Isn’t it odd the video or citations aren’t aired/posted ad nauseam like the Left always does? They pulled the video and aren’t using citations because Trump didn’t say anything wrong. Instead they’re telling their audience it happened, in other words telling the same lie over and over again until it becomes truth.

Those who stormed the Capitol have very questionable backgrounds, which has been covered by many sites and actual journalists. Also the timeline doesn’t matchup as Raheem Kassam explained.

Enough of that these republicans went along with the impeachment led by the vile, hardcore DC insider and progressive Liz Cheney, who wouldn’t even be in DC had it not been for daddy.

Anthony Gonzalez (OH)
Tom Rice (SC)
Dan Newhouse (WA)
Peter Meijer (MI)
Adam Kinzinger (IL)
John Katko (NY)
Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)
Fred Upton (MI)
David Valadao (CA)

These monsters have made it clear they do not want to be re-elected. That’s no problem since 75-85M Americans are fed up with the entire party. The Republicans are no different than the democrats at this point – they’re nothing but the two heads of the progressive beast.

Don’t know how, since progressives control counting the ballots, but we have to blowout both parties in the next 2-4 years.