Shutting Down XL Pipeline Didn’t Stop Flow of Oil

The Xiden regime wants to move America into renewable cleaner energy in the name of climate change. That policy resulted in the termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline, along with at least 11K US jobs. BUT as you will hear in this clip from the Dana Loesch radio show the shutting down of this pipeline did not stop the flow of and reduction of oil, it stopped how the oil is transported! Fossil fuels will still need to be produced and spent, it does not “save the planet”.

This Executive Order put Americans out of work and enriched billionaires like Warren Buffett whose trains will be transporting this oil now.

Also this is a map of all the oil pipelines, will Xiden be shutting them down too, or just this one Pres Trump supported?

What this regime is doing is dangerous economically, but also for our national security as it empowers our enemies. This idea we’re all going to be driving electric cars is a pipe-dream because right now most of the electricity generated for those vehicles comes from power plants powered by……. COAL

Lastly, just about everything in your home has oil in it, or was used to produce it.