Energy Sec Nominee: “Jobs That Might Be Sacrificed” Under Biden’s Federal Lands Fracking Ban


One nominee after another for the illegitimate regime is making it clear their energy, climate change, economic plans are going to kill American jobs. Here we have Xiden’s Energy Sec Nom Jennifer Granholm admitting there are “jobs that might be sacrificed” under the regimes proposed fracking ban HE SAID they wouldn’t do!

The illegitimate regime doesn’t care because they’re all positioned to fatten their wallets through donors, tv appearances, speaking fees etc while American workers are wondering where they’re going to get the money to pay their mortgage/rent and put food on the table.

Pres Trump CARED about the middle class unlike these monsters acting in the name of climate change and America LAST.

FYI Build Back Better Jenny is regurgitating here is not something cooked up by the socialists.. it’s all part of some insane plan for globalism ie Great Reset. Be scared, be very scared