Propaganda Minster Defends Biden’s Exec Order Binge Because Polling Says People Support It!

When asked about the excessive amount of executive orders the illegitimate occupant has been issuing, the WH Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki claimed polling on action taken with regards to pandemic and economic relief has American’s support! She continued that the other orders being issued a record 36, are undoing the wrongs and pain caused by Pres Trump!

The Left called Trump a dictator but it is Xiden who is acting like a one with more EO’s in 8 days than any other US President. And these orders are to push policies NOT supported by 75-85M Americans. The regime KNOWS they can’t get many of these policies done through legislation that’s why the old kook has been signing away.

This is what happens when the Left has too much power allowing them to steal an election and wreck the country.