Biden & Dems Call for Major Gun Control and Intro Amnesty Bill For 11M Illegal Aliens


For those wondering why there are troops still in DC this is why.

The Xiden regime knows they must move quickly on gun control and amnesty after the time that was wasted under obama on just obamacare when they had 2 years to push a lot through but didn’t.

On the anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Feb 14th, the Xiden regime announced plans to ban “assault weapons” or really anything that is semi-automatic, “high capacity magazines” standard capacity, “eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers” and other sweeping measures.

This is outside of the radical gun bill intro’d by Sheila Jackson Lee which will require licensing, insurance, psychological evaluation, bans on ammunition etc.

The text for amnesty (that IS what it is) was introduced Jan 20, the old kook’s first day in power, via The US Citizenship Act of 2021.

“The legislative text of the “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” will reflect the immigration priorities that President Joe Biden unveiled on his first day in office. His proposal includes an earned pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, expands the refugee resettlement program and deploys more technology to the Southern border. There are additional protections that are being considered in the legislation, such as asylum processing in home countries for minors, expanded benefits for DREAMers and ending the public charge rule.

While previous attempts at massive immigration reform have failed under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the Biden White House has signaled support for breaking the legislation into pieces.

As a potential secondary path, lawmakers would work to pass bills legalizing farmworkers and Dreamers right away, and then move toward a more expansive overhaul. The main objective, officials and advocates say, is progress.” ~ NBC News

In 1986 Pres Reagan got played signing an amnesty bill (was promised border security that was never honored) where very quickly California (where the majority of illegals were living) went from a republican state, with bipartisanship, to now under permanent one party rule by the socialists. This is the SAME exact play the socialists are doing now but on a national level through this bill. They know they get this through republicans/conservatives will NEVER hold power ever again in this country.

This is the end game folks, guaranteeing obama’s dream of fundamental transformation. Progressives know these actions will enrage Americans thus in this sites opinion the need for troops in DC. They need you disarmed and outnumbered before they hammer the final nails into America switching on whatever this machine is they’ve been building for years.

The Great Reset is not going to end well for a lot of us.