Illinois GOP Rep Kinzinger Starts Anti-Trump PAC


Fake conservative, and backstabber of the highest order, Adam Kinzinger is starting an Anti-Trump PAC to reclaim the republican party. Trump has been out of office for not even two weeks and still lives rent-free in these traitors heads.

This clown is probably one of the last republicans who got elected tied to the TEA Party, proving they’ve been co-opted by the GOPe. He voted to impeach Trump proving he is definitely of the McCain wing of the GOP that hates everything Trump did because it empowered America and working man they don’t want getting ahead. Success puts these fools out of business, they want to be down and out so they can pander to voters with all their bs empty promises if you donate and elect them.

By all means go ahead start your stupid PAC, the GOP is D E A D in the eyes of 75-85M voters. It will be good to see who joins in with him smoking out the last of the traitors.