Newsmax is No Better Than Fox

I’ve heard people talking about how Newsmax is Fox News-lite, that they let liberal guests run on and on unchallenged, and have shown some bias. Didn’t really buy it knowing it is a new network who is going to actually show both sides of a story without any bias. And then there was this segment with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell which cemented the negative rumors I’ve been hearing…

Lindell was brought on to discuss Big Tech censorship, so naturally he’s going to bring up why he was censored on Twitter. If you don’t know Lindell has been deeply involved with finding out what happened in the 2020 election. He posted material showing foreign interference, vote swapping etc. Apparently that didn’t sit well with fmr Fox anchor Bob Sellers, who started talking over Lindell proceeding to read off a prepared legal statement from Newsmax accepting the results of the most fraudulent election in US history, going so far as to ask producers to end the segment that he ends up walking off set!

What the hell is this, we can’t even have a guest on talking about why they got censored because it’s related to election fraud claims? This crap is one of the reasons why people turned Fox News off and came to Newsmax, but now they’re showing they’re no better than Fox.

Newsmax clearly knew Lindell would bring this up, so if you don’t want to have the discussion and are prepared to silence your guest then why have him on in the first place?


WRITE THIS DOWN because it is 1000% FACT:
No court ever allowed any case challenging the election results to be heard/argued and evidence presented. Got it? Keep that in mind when you hear people saying ‘All those challenges were shot down in court’ – NO, the plaintiffs NEVER got to have their day in court.

How a news agency, trying to play it down the middle and capture the audience from a once “trusted” network, can sit there accepting a lie is baffling!? “Well they don’t want to get sued by Dominion” uh huh they aren’t making a statement on the fraud the guest is. The last thing Newsmax should be doing is issuing this bs statement, and CUTTING OFF a guest on censorship. They’re no better than Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other social media or news company.

We have pretty much run out of neutral sources for news. “Go watch OAN” – not every cable provider offers it, now what?!

If Newsmax wants to be the new Fox News (many hosts are former Fox anchors or contracted contributors) they’re gonna have to cut the nonsense out like today, and beef up the programming big time.