Biden Signs More Executive Orders Reversing Trump’s Immigration Policies

What’s the count up to now, 43-44 executive orders/actions? The illegitimate occupant knows far too many orders are being issued and tried to justify them claiming those Pres Trump issued were bad policies!

Right national and economic security are bad policies! Guess so when you’re beholden to the CCP and radicals prepared to burn down more buildings and loot cities if they don’t get what they want.

For the record you G-D old kook:
– DACA is NOT LEGAL, your old boss admitted DACA was unconstitutional, and in 2012 ‘temporary’, ‘NOT a path to citizenship’
– There is NO muslim ban. Trump did legally issue a TRAVEL ban on the SAME countries your old boss had issued, because said countries cannot keep the monsters under control and couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t try to come to kill Americans. But you go right ahead and pull the plug on it, so when American’s blood is spilled on US soil there will be no doubt whose to blame.

If republicans had a spine Trump wouldn’t have had to issue EO’s that Xiden is now reversing, they would’ve wrote up legislation to make Trump’s EO’s into law. So as far as this site is concerned the GOP is to blame then as they are now. While they fight over who will control the party this old kook is running America into the ground.