Obama Admitted in 2011 DACA Unconstitutional, in 2012 ‘Temporary’, ‘NOT a Path to Citizenship’


The Supreme Court is hearing arguments over the DACA program, where proponents are doing everything within their power to have DREAMers more or less granted citizenship. Instead of pointing out who’s right and wrong, let’s just get down to the absolute irrefutable facts.

#1 Congress, aka the Legislative Branch, makes laws, including with respect to matters on immigration. The Executive Branch, aka White House/ Presidency, enforces the laws passed by Congress. The EB cannot make polices, nor “legislate” from the Oval Office, that violate the separation of powers, especially on issues of immigration.

#2 Mar 28 2011 obama appeared at a Univision town hall making it clear he does not have the authority to issue an Executive Order granting protective status for illegals. He makes it clear there are laws in place, restricting the authoritarian power the Left wanted him to invoke. This clip should be “Exhibit A” by the admins attorneys defending Pres Trump’s plans to end DACA….

#3 Despite what was said, in April 2011 on Univison, obama went ahead issuing the Executive Order on DACA that he admitted wasn’t legal. In what should be used as “Exhibit B” and a more powerful piece of evidence here he is speaking on June 15th, 2012 from the Rose Garden making it abundantly clear that DACA ‘is not amnesty, this is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure…’

Yet the Left, media, many federal judges have in fact treated his Executive order as all those things obama said it wasn’t!

How can something that is clearly illegal, unconstitutional, NEVER passed into law by Congress be treated by lawmakers and judges as if it is a law, where its validity is being argued at the Supreme Court?!

We won’t know SCOTUS’ decision on this until probably June 2020, but should they decide in favor of the DREAMers and the Left it will be confirmation of two things:
1 SCOTUS is no diff from Adam Schiff’s kangaroo impeachment court
2 the U.S. IS A Banana Republic