Impeachment Narrative Dismantled By GOP Member Questioning Dems Star Witness


Today was day 1 of the democrat confederacy’s impeachment circus where they had their star “witness” US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testify in front of the public. What we learned today, courtesy of GOP Member Jim Jordan’s questioning, was nothing new since Taylor did not listen to the call between Pres’ Trump and Zelensky. He never met with Mick Mulvaney, the WH Chief of Staff and he never met President Trump… but he is the dems star witness.

This hearing is a farce when the man running it, Adam Schiff, interferes with the GOP’s questions, refuses to allow them to call witnesses of their own while controlling what can and can’t be asked. And says he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is yet has warned committee members they are not to speak of his hame, ERIC CIARAMELLA which was already made public when the dems released a transcript, otherwise they will be charged with ethics violations!

Nothing was revealed today to show Pres Trump did anything wrong let alone in line with High Crimes and Misdemeanors! What you have here is a the beginning of the 2020 Presidential Campaign. All these hearings are meant to do is cast doubt in uneducated, uninformed voters that “Trump must have done something wrong” so they will vote against him.