Maxine Waters Wants Trump “Charged With Premeditated Murder”

What happens when socialists control Congress and the White House? They show the world how vicious and vindictive they are wasting taxpayers time and money attacking their enemies, in this case Pres Trump. They won, they were successful stealing the election yet monsters like Maxine Waters still want to go after him for doing his job, the job we the people hired him to do!

Waters, one of the most corrupt in Congress behind Xiden, wants to see Pres Trump “charged with premeditated murder” over the riot carried out by radicals (antifa, anarchists etc hiding within Trump supporters) at the Capitol Jan 6. It’s been proven those who participated planned out the “invasion… insurrection” in advance (had camera crews in tow) and had already begun their attack while Trump was still speaking, clearly telling the crowd to protest peacefully, but that won’t stop Waters and co. No, here she is making crap up because she knows no one in the media will fact check her.


Curious why isn’t Whiggy Waters being charged for premeditated murder since she called for Leftists to go out into the streets to harass and attack people? While we’re on the ‘what about’ subject, what about Ayanna Presley, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, and the harlot? They all were ranting to go on the attack!

One would the actions over the last couple months to this ridiculous impeachment will motivate people to get more involved with our elections. You see until PROGRESSIVES are removed from controlling the elections and counting ballots nothing is going to change and we will be stuck with people like Waters in power indefinitely.