Biden Announces New Executive Order to Increase the Admission of 125,000 Refugees

The illegitimate regime is making it clear they are opening America’s borders no matter what. You would think being in the most “deadly pandemic” (per the media and DNC) the regime would do its best to not put Americans lives in danger. But no, Xiden’s executive order (#48 in 14 days?) will allow people claiming refugee status (who really aren’t and are just working the system) into America, who will not only pose a health risk but also cause economic and social problems.
We have people out of work because of covid but hey let’s let 125K uneducated, unskilled, illiterate illegal aliens into job race!

This little old frail man has no idea what he’s doing, BUT his handlers do. As this site has been warning for years, they are going to do to America what they did in their laboratory – CALIFORNIA. Making people dependent on the govt, allowing illegals to have free reign, to in fact make them fist class citizens with all the benefits especially the right to vote will lead to one party rule like CA.
Don’t say you weren’t warned.