Biden’s First Press Conference Was a Train Wreck

The illegitimate individual finally gave his first official press conference today, it was truly a train wreck and the media knows it. Aside from the reporters being pre-screened/ lined up in advance, this man had 2 months to prepare and failed miserably even using cheat sheets because he’s in a cognitive decline in real-time!


It’s not funny, it’s sad actually that his family would allow this man to be used like this. Would you allow a parent or grandparent to be used like Joe by people you know are just using them for power and control? Of course not, but Leftists put party/ agenda ahead of people (even their own) and country.

Some of the positions he took are quite concerning too, especially with regards to eliminating the filibuster which it has been reported he strongly defended years ago when he was in the Senate.

Joe’s inability to handle a simple press conference sends a terrible message to America’s enemies. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and radical jihadists just saw what they’re up against – there’s no fear unlike what we had during President Trump’s admin.

This guys cognitive decline at the least is a national security threat.