USA is Being Invaded and the Person Who Thinks Border Crimes Should be Decriminalized and Wants to Give Illegals Free Stuff is Now Overseeing It


June 2019, when then Presidential candidate Harris stood on stage against her opponents she proudly raised her hand that she would decriminalize border crimes, making them a civil matter…


Weeks later on July 12, 2019 Harris appeared on The View struggling to defend her position, but doubles down to make illegal entry into the US, which IS A CRIME per 8 US Code § 1325, a civil matter…


If that wasn’t bad enough months before, in May of 2019, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, 2020 Harris made a ‘very clear’ statement that she supports policies that allow access to ‘public safety, public education, or public health.’ Key word repeated throughout that statement is “public”. Public safety, education and health = “free” by way of the taxpayer.


Fast forward to today, the feeble individual in cognitive decline occupying the Oval Office has designated this woman to oversee the border invasion into the USA!


Don’t think for a second that the massive flow of illegals into the US is going to stop. With this radical monster, who was CA’s attorney general*, now calling the shots, you can expect even more resources being spent at taxpayers expense to see that these invaders are given everything they need while Americans continue to struggle.

The Califonia-ization of America is now in now in play and there is nothing that can stop it. *The harlot was in CA she knows how it played out, she knows what to do to ensure it all happens since she played a role at one time locking it all in for CA dems.

US citizens in general are 2nd class citizens now, and those who are conservative are 3rd class. Illegals have priority over everything even this covid nonsense, where they get entry and free to roam America’s streets while many of you remain on lockdown or heavily restricted.

Dems want absolute power, they will use illegals to crash the system by executing Cloward Piven strategy that will result in the country’s collapse. Dems are starting a wildfire that they will then produce the water to put it out…. so long as they get what they want.