Here Are Some of the Radical Positions Kamala Harris Advocates


Kamala… KAMMY Harris is considered one of the most liberal politicians in the Senate. That’s a PC way of saying she’s a hardcore radical who will do everything in her power to wreck American’s lives as she did to Californians when she was Atty General.
This montage just touches on her radical positions on climate change, medicare for all/universal healthcare, convicts voting, granting social welfare programs for Americans to illegals and it doesn’t even go into her gun grabbing policies.

This woman is a monster and if she becomes the VP, you will see it. She will be out in from more than Biden. Kammy is an opportunist who will stab anyone in the back – that being said when the opportunity presents itself she WILL invoke the 25th Amendment to have Joe Biden removed from the presidency.

All voters.. Americans need to understand she is the de facto DNC presidential candidate. If you don’t think she or the dems won’t angle her into the Oval Office before 2024 you’re delusional.

You and everyone you know better vote for Trump because your life depends on it.