Adam Haner Was Defending Transwoman Before BLM Attacked And Knocked Him Unconscious


If you listen to the DNC controlled media complex the man who was knocked out, Adam Haner, was a “white supremacist”, “nazi” or whatever who tried to run “peaceful protesters” over. NOPE, context matters and it turns out Haner was actually helping a transwoman who was being harassed, assaulted and their belongings stolen by the same “peaceful protesters”, after they had just gone after another person for filming them! Because Haner was helping the trans person, Keese Love and blm decided to turn their rage on him, resulting in the brutal assault video that went viral. And also keep in mind right before being kicked in the head Haner said he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone which enraged Keese leading to the brutal beating.

I thought Democrat voters were all inclusive especially to their LGBTQ pals!? This is yet another reason why the assault on Haner is not getting mass media coverage, it destroys their narrative. The Left are incredibly violent and dangerous to this country, voters still on the fence better wake up real soon understanding a vote for Biden/Harris/Sanders/AOC is a vote for more attacks like these.