Another Example Why We Have the Second Amendment

When the Founders wrote the Constitution, and more specifically the Second Amendment, it wasn’t about guaranteeing one’s right to hunt, or engage in sport shooting. Frankly, if they didn’t hunt they didn’t eat, so it’s a bit insulting for anyone to suggest that was a reason. The Founders had just fought the largest military in the world, outgunned most of the time, and their structuring of the Constitution was to restrain if not stop another tyrant or body of tyrants from taking over again.

Their intentions were clear that they considered the People of America the militia and wanted them to be as well armed… well-regulated, WHICH MEANS well-equipped, well-trained, well-prepared, as the military and that this right under no circumstances was to be violated -> ‘shall not be infringed’. These are facts no matter what gun grabbing Leftists whine and try to against 2A’s meaning. They only know what hear from their handlers who get their info from radicals in academia who use modern definitions and usage to reinterpret the intentions of geniuses 230+ years ago to support their opinions today.

The democrat party… progressives really who control Congress and the individual they installed into the Presidency want to take that right away. They are in fact the very reason why we have the Second Amendment.

When this old kook, and his gun grabbing ilk, carries on about disarming this country and questions ‘Who in God’s name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds, or 40 rounds, or 20 rounds,’ he/they need only look in the mirror to see the reason why.

Xiden’s claims of gun owners supporting “assault weapon” and magazine bans, universal background checks etc are all lies. The old fool nor anyone else who says this ever produces proof to back up their statements.

The old kook, the ENTIRE democrat party (ALL of them from the thugs on the streets that call themselves BLM/antifa terrorizing people to the scumbags in the media and outright DEGENERATES in Hollywood, entertainment and sports) hate this country and want it restructured under some sick and twisted European utopian nightmare. No one goes around trying to drastically.. fundamentally transform something they care about or claim they love!!

They hate anyone who defies them, and wants everyone in complete compliance.. submission if not dead. They won’t say it but their cancel culture operation is proof that is what they want. If you play it out to the extreme you can’t get a job or keep your business open, which means you have no money for food or a roof over your head, you’re on the street starving, sick and eventually die where they never had to lift a finger just rant, rave and cancel you.

This process will be a lot easier for them when the populace is disarmed…. don’t say it can’t happen because historically it’s already happened in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, some will argue Venezuela and other places.

Do Not Give Up Your Right To Own Weapons, No Matter What These MONSTERS Say And Do!!