Biden Called Half the US Terrorists


During his Joint Address to Congress the illegitimate individual occupying the White House said ‘the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism,’ NOT Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or radical jihadists.


If you have been paying attention to the rhetoric you know anyone not goose-stepping to the Left/democrat party’s agenda on climate, guns, “everything is infrastructure,” covid policies, social justice, defunding the police, etc is labeled a bigot, hater, extremist, traitor, racist and we can’t forget a white supremacist. This is fact, go look at social media posts you’ll see it for yourselves, where conservatives, republicans and people on the Right are viciously attacked the moment they express views the Left doesn’t like where in many cases they are called white supremacists.

Xiden has in fact called half the country terrorists since conservs and co are routinely identified by the Left as white supremacists. Did you see what they’ve done to people over the uproar at the Capitol? Did you see what they did to Rudy Giuliani? Do you know the Defense Dept is trying to route out anyone who is an “extremist” (white supremacist) in the military? Do you think they won’t come for you!?

The obama-era DOJ is back in business, going after any and all of the regimes enemies. Watch your backs, be careful who you associate with.