CDC: Vaccinated People Have to Wear Masks to Protect Unvaccinated


CDC released new guidelines for wearing masks and the Director noted that the vaccinated are still required to wear masks indoors is to protect the unvaccinated… in other words people have to wear a mask until everyone is vaccinated! That is what is really going on, these monsters want everyone to get the vaccine.

What is the point in a vaccine if you still have to be masked and social distance? The point of vaccine is to make one immune from a bug. Vaccines are a one time deal or did we miss something, are people still getting the chickenpox and dying from smallpox and polio after getting those vaccines?

I am NOT taking an UNTESTED vaccine (sorry folks but thats the truth), it was released via Emergency Use Authorization for a bug that has a 99.99% survival rate to begin with. Furthermore, yours truly was one of many who at the end of Dec 2019 into Jan 2020 got sick with something doctors were referring to as some “strange virus that’s going around.” Was it covid, more than likely YES because I had a very strange mild flu, but what stood out and is a KEY TRAIT of covid, after the cough, light fever, body aches went away, is at least for 2 weeks I was completely exhausted!! Anyone who got this bug will attest they suffered from severe fatigue, which I definitely had!

I have antibodies, I Don’t Need a Vaccine so F Fauci and the CDC political activists trying to make people take something they don’t need that HAS NOT BEEN FULLY TESTED.

Back in 1983 Zantac went through all the testing and trials, FDA approvals etc to become a prescription drug. It’s use became so prevalent it became an over-the-counter drug, and now 30+ years later there are class action lawsuits because this HEAVILY TESTED drug gives people cancer!!

So NO I will not be taking something that was rushed out for a NON-lethal highly contagious strong strain of the flu!