Security Cam Video Shows Columbus Teen Was the Aggressor Just As Police Arrived

New security camera footage has been released of the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant showing the teen was the aggressor at the time police arrived, and screaming “I’m gonna stab the fuck out of you, bitch”….

It’s been reported that she called police for help, but instead of waiting for police to arrive and handle things Bryant exited her home to take the law into her own hands, attacking the two girls seen in the now infamous bodycam footage.

As you see in the video the two unidentified girls were in the driveway, a man walks up the driveway from the left, the woman in white shirt enters the screen, then Bryant as the police car comes into frame. Bryant proceeds to attack the girl in shorts knocking her to the ground, and then moves to attack the girl in pink with knife in hand.

Officer Nicholas Reardon had literal seconds to deescalate and act, leaving him NO CHOICE but to use his weapon to stop Bryant (whom at the time he did not know was the alleged victim who called 911) from attempting to slash/ stab the girl in the pink outfit.

Critics of this shooting have never fired a weapon, nor have they been in a situation involving a knife. The armchair quarterbacking you’re hearing, “Why didn’t he shoot her in the leg,” “He should have fired a shot in the air,” “Cop could have used the his taser or baton,” “He should have grabbed her arm/ the knife from her.” is seriously the result of Hollywood. The comments on what should’ve been done are what you expect from a child. If Reardon had done nothing they would be condemning him for allowing the girls to fight, where we might be arguing over his ‘allowing Bryant to stab that girl.’ These people should take a force on force simulation to see how well they would do. This reporter realized a few years ago it’s not as simple as they say!

Assailants with knives are extremely dangerous regardless of age or gender. One can stab or slash someone well over dozen to two dozen times in literally a few seconds. Have someone time you doing a stabbing motion as fast as you can and count the number of times you make that motion. Yours truly did it 3 times and averaged 38 stabbing motions in the span of 10 seconds! I’ve also had Krav Maga training defending against a knife attack, where regardless of the training I received I was told “If you can’t run [first rule of a knife threat] and have to defend yourself, understand You Will Get Cut!”

The lethal striking distance for someone with a knife is 21 feet. That means an attacker within that distance can strike you in less than a second, which is why cops will draw their weapons and fire if someone is coming at them with a knife. It becomes more complex when they’re within that range and one is attacking another with a knife as the case here.

Point being made here is, Reardon had no choice, he had to act quickly to neutralize a threat regardless of the individuals age or gender. The unhinged violent Left doesn’t care, they want to make this about race because it suits their agenda to defund if not completely disband police and painting white people as hardened racists. It’s not, this was a clean shoot this security footage will probably save this Officer!