Biden: Get Vaccinated Or No Fourth of July


Th illegitimate individual is doubling down on his call to get vaccinated so MAYBE you can celebrate the Fourth of July in small groups…

“To celebrate our independence from this virus on July 4th with family and friends in small groups, we still have more to do in the months of May and June. We all need to mask up until the number of cases goes down, until everyone has a chance to get their shot.”

Why do you need to get a shot for a bug that has a 99.96% survival rate for relatively healthy people? Why would anyone want to get a shot of an UNTESTED vaccine… sorry kids but thats the truth, let’s put it in perspective for you to understand:

Zantac was developed in labs, went through human trials and was avail for prescription in 1983. The drugs use became so prevalent it eventually became an over-the-counter drug. Pretty good stuff right!?

Well, NOW if you haven’t seen them there are tv ads to contact law firms to join in on class action lawsuit because this WELL TESTED (lab and TIME) drug is now responsible for people getting cancer. Got it?

Covid vaccines were rushed out clearly not getting the scrutiny other medications and vaccines have been subjected to, and obviously not tested over time! We have NO idea what these vaccines will do to people, but this OLD KOOK, his party, major corporations, schools etc are all calling for people to get vaccinated. Just on the lack of testing people should not take this vaccine. And again this virus is NOT the deadly virus the Left makes it out to be. Ever see the movie Contagion(2011)? Go watch it, it should look very familiar, we’re living that movie MINUS the lethality of the virus.

This old guy himself was vaccinated yet look at him, you’d think bodies were dropping the way he and his ilk conduct themselves, especially when outdoors! The bug is dead in approx 60 seconds in UV light, but wear your obedience mask outside and stay away from everyone. Staying cooped up indoors has impeded nature from taking its course. Herd immunity has been stifled because everyone is staying indoors and isolated… WHY IS THE LEFT DENYING THE SCIENCE OF NATURAL IMMUNITY that has allowed mankind to live this long!?

Take the obedience masks off, if your high risk by all means wear one. Stop acting like pigs in public we’ll have nothing to worry about.