Dem Voters Threaten to Assassinate Police: They Shoot Us, We Shoot Them

In almost every single police shooting the media has deliberately left out key details, such is how the “victim,” they put on a pedestal because of the color of their skin, were felons with outstanding warrants, had a violent background or restraining orders, and in most cases blatantly refuse to comply with orders fighting with police.

Thanks to the media conveniently editing video to fit a narrative and pushing propaganda with a shooting like Ma’Khia Bryant, dem voters are now threatening to assassinate police.

These are the same people praised and propped up as civil rights defenders of our time by the media, Hollywood, professional athletes and woke big corporations.

This outright hatred for police that the media is fueling will result in more assassinations like those we saw in New York 2014 and Dallas 2016. The media is the kid on the playground egging two other kids into a fight, who will hold them responsible?

Cops are retiring and quitting in droves now which will make America’s streets even more dangerous. We have the democrats and media to thank for the increase in crime and violence. The only “good thing” that may come of it is when the Left calls for help no one will be available to respond! Only then, under duress, will these monsters realize the damage they’ve done to this country. If that’s the case so be it, because there is no getting through to them in discussion.