US Capitol Attacker Was Follower of Nation of Islam

The individual who used an assault car against Police at the US Capitol, killing one, has been identified as Noah Green, also known as Noah X, a follower of the Nation of Islam. After striking officers with his assault car that crash into a barricade, Noah X exited his vehicle with a large assault knife (possibly a machete) where he attempted to rush other officers but was shot dead. This MO should sound familiar, it is the type of attack we’ve seen carried out in Europe by islamist extremists: using vehicle and then stab as many people as possible before being killed.

Why did X attack the Capitol? No one will know for sure, but we have a few screen shots of his social media posts that of course have already been taken down.

FTR, since the obama regime, law enforcement has been very quick to see the social media accounts of domestic terrorists and attackers shut down, so a narrative can be painted or key facts kept from the public – to in fact PROTECT attackers.

This story like the mass killing in Orange County CA, as well as the Boulder, CO mass shooting will disappear from the headlines as quick as it came because the assailants DO NOT fit the democrat party’s media’s narrative of a right-wing, gun toting, Bible thumping, Trump supporting white supremacist.

It should also be noted no one on the Left is calling for assault cars or assault knives to be banned, but had this monster used a gun and been white calls for gun bans would be all we would be hearing right now.