Foster Family Kicked Out of Home to Make Room For Illegal Alien Kids

Foster parent Edmundo Sanchez and his family are being kicked out of foster home, owned and run by a non-profit group called Friends of Youth that he works with, to house illegal alien kids who will be transported at your expense from the US southern border to WA state!

It’s been said many times on this site and will be said again: US citizens (regardless of status, age or gender) are second class citizens to illegal aliens, and if you’re conservative you are a third class citizen – this story is proof of that.

Friends of Youth is a non-profit yet Sanchez explains they are doing this to maximize their profits!?

This news shouldn’t be surprising, homeless Americans who were being given shelter at the San Diego Convention Center are/have been kicked out to make room for illegals who will also be getting in-person education while US citizen children remain forced to stay-at-home and “learn” online!

This country is literally being invaded by illegal aliens and taken over by the democrats who more or less invited them in! Read this op from 2019 and share it out to as many people as possible Democrats Executing Cloward-Piven Strategy on Massive Scale to Collapse the US Through Illegal Immigration