Illegals Being Flown Throughout the US

Jorge Ventura, a field reporter for the Daily Caller who has been documenting the illegal alien invasion, was taking a flight from McAllen to Houston, TX and couldn’t help but notice most of the people on his flight were “migrants”. He snapped pics of several holding folders with their destinations, flight numbers and times, and a message for whomever these ILLEGAL ALIENS come in contact with they don’t ‘speak English what plane do I need to take?’

“On my flight to Houston from McAllen,TX , mostly migrants on my flight spotted with these folders that have city destinations written on them with flight times, also written on the other side “I do no speak English what plane do I need to take?”
— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) March 31, 2021

It would appear whatever the number of illegals on his flight, many of them are headed to Newark, NJ – a DEMOCRAT stronghold. This is how well the Xiden regime is “sending migrants” back! Back, as in to your backyard on YOUR dime, there’s no deportations! Where else are these illegals being sent? If you’re going to be flying soon keep an eye out for people with these folders.

We’re literally losing this country and dems have done it without ever firing a shot.