Lindell Claims to Have Evidence of Cyber Attack That Will Put Trump Back in Office!

Mike Lindell has sunk millions of his own money to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election. He claims he has the digital footprints, evidence, scientific experts and witnesses to prove the election was in fact stolen from Pres Trump via a cyberattack. He tells Eric Metaxas since no court will listen or allow evidence to be presented he will be releasing EVERYTHING to the public on a new site, his own version of Wikileaks, over the course of 5 weeks. He is also working with Attorney Generals and Secretaries of State when challenged by Metaxas, ‘This will be amazing when this gets to the Supreme Court, you’re gonna have all Attorney Generals and law on our side’

‘We have different evidence, which is no one’s ever brought before any judge in history, okay! We have that, and now we have that from multiple places… This is all the cyber-prints that’s never been before any judges, the cyber-ware that was used from Nov 1st to Nov 5th. We actually have patriots that were within the government and used to work for the government, that basically took prints of everything – I mean you basically have a running movie of what happened. Now we have all these other, all the other evidence about the cyber attack. Nobody has seen any of this evidence including what keeps piling on….’

The angle here is to put the entire case courts refused to hear out to the public creating massive public pressure for action to be taken to undo the theft of the Presidency. Xiden is in massive cognitive decline, causing massive damage to the US in just a couple months, with that woman who laughs at everything waiting to take over which CANNOT be allowed.

Frankly yours truly called out the pundits like Patrick Byrne and attorneys trying to challenge the election to post up ALL their evidence and now Lindell is apparently going to do it. It should be noted this is evidence is what Lindell has dug up, it’s not from Byrne, Powell or others who have filed suits.

Clearly this is a beyond a long shot or Hail Mary but if he has the proof the courts REFUSED TO EVEN HEAR (Pres Trump was never given his day in court to present evidence) don’t you want to see it?

And if this causes more unrest, so be it! It will prove the Left has something to hide – their crimes against millions of American voters!