CDC Dir Gets Hysterical Over Covid

CDC Dir Dr Rochelle Walensky got hysterical and practically cried about an increase in covid cases, claiming she’s scared of the impending doom


Keep in mind at no point has she or anyone else provided any scientific fact to support these claims. Fauci the Fraud had the opportunity during a Senate hearing almost 2 weeks ago and he too failed to produce anything to support covid variants will make things like the impending doom the Dir is claiming.

This is unnecessary hysteria and yet another example that no one in this administration is qualified to be in the positions of power they hold.

As stated on this site repeatedly, covid IS NOT the global killer the entire Left wants the people to believe. It is NOT the virus from The Walking Dead, The Stand, Outbreak, Andromeda Strain or Contagion (most realistic film of a deadly pandemic) even though the ENTIRE Left acts like it is! It is a highly contagious flu collaborating scientists in Switzerland, the US and China created to “examine the emergence potential (that is, the potential to infect humans) of circulating bat CoVs.. to identify and prepare for future prepandemic viruses”.

It’s all a hoax and we know it from overreactions like Walensky’s to illegal aliens being cut loose in America without being tested to teachers who will teach in-person to illegal alien kids while schools remain closed to US citizens… Perfect example why this site has been saying US citizens are 2nd class to illegals, and if you’re conservative you’re 3rd class!

Take off the masks, go back to your life/ lives prior to the hoax. They can’t arrest, and ban millions of Americans for noncompliance.