Sen Paul Took Fauci to the Woodshed During Senate HELP Hearing!

Oh well now this is a treat in our world gone nuts! Sen Paul deserves a medal or something for standing firm against Dr Fauci over the last year and again today at the Senate HELP hearing. Fauci is an absolute disgrace, surely you have been listening to him with his almost constant flip-flops on just about every policy issue he has had on the China virus.

Don’t need to wear a mask – wear a mask, wear 2 now.
Get a vaccine and we’ll go back to normal – if you get a vaccine you still have to wear a mask and social distance etc etc
(watch the vid you’ll here him in fact support this).

His decisions/ policies are not based on science, they’re politically driven as it is clear the democrats who couldn’t careless about Feb 2020 saw the potential in the virus for power grabs in the name of public health. They locked the country down, drove the economy into the ground, and stole and election with it with the help of this OVER PAID in the tune of $500K/yr govt employee, highest paid in the entire govt by the way! Yes so sit back and enjoy DOCTOR Senator Rand Paul take him to the woodshed!


Masks ARE theater, they do NOT protect as this clown, the media, and the fools in Congress and the White House claim BECAUSE (fact checkers) if you do not make an airtight seal around your face then bugs can get in and out. The masks EVERYONE is using is the equivalent of using a chain link to stop a mosquito!

Take note at no time did Fauxi ever cite a study to prove Paul wrong!

There will ALWAYS be a new variant, covid is the FLU, a highly contagious flu with a 99.99% survival rate to relatively healthy people. For the record there are still variants of the 1918 Spanish Flu going around, but if we let this clown and his ilk have their way we will never get back to normal lives.

Take the masks off, “THEY” (tyrants pushing all of this ) CANNOT arrest 10’s, 100’s of 1000’s, even millions of people. If an entire town/city, county stops complying and that action spreads like wildfire this insanity is OVER.